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Homemade crunchy granola, milk or yogurt, fruit, honey 7.50
Oats almonds, dried fruit, tahini, maple syrup, cinnamon, rice milk 7.50
Yogurt, fruit, honey 6.00
Bowl of fruit 5.00
Acai bowl 9.00
Pancakes, maple syrup – + red berry sauce €1 7.00
Pancakes chocolate + banana €0.5 7.00
French toast with honey, cinnamon and walnuts + fruit €1 6.00
Fresh bread: jam, honey, chocolate, tahini οr peanut butter 5.50
Carrot cake, cream cheese frosting 4.00
Eggs Benedicte- poached eggs, prosciutto, hollandaise sauce 9.00
Eggs – fried or scrambled | + bacon €1 | + mushrooms €1 4.00
Poached eggs, avocado cream, brown toast + smoked salmon €1.50 7.00
Scrambled eggs, spinach, goat’s cheese on bagel 9.00
Quesadilla Ranchera – fried egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado, salsa fresca 9.00
Οmelette with tomato, feta, basil + local sausage €1 6.00
Οmelette with mushrooms, bacon, gruyère 7.00
Courgette zoodles avocado cream, pumpkin seeds, salsa fresca 10.00
Caesar salad with grilled chicken 12.00
Ciabatta with hummus and marinated grilled vegetables 6.00
Bagel, smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, dill 6.50
Classic BLT – bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo | + avocado €1 | + egg €1.5 4.50
Ciabatta with chicken, bacon, coleslaw 6.00
Toasty – ham or turkey, cheese, tomato 3.50
Espresso 2.00
Double espresso 3.00
Espresso 2.00
Capuccino 3.00
Double cappuccino 4.00
Flat white 3.50
Cappuccino Latte 3.50
Espresso Freddo (iced espresso) 3.00
Cappuccino Freddo (iced capuccino) 3.50
Instant coffee (Frappé or hot) 2.50
Greek coffee 2.00
Greek coffee, double 3.00
Αmericano 2.50
Hot or cold chocolate 4.00
Black, green tea 2.50
Fresh mint tea 2.50
Green tea with ginger lemon and honey – homemade 3.50
Black tea with peach and mint – homemade 3.50
Lemongrass 2.50
Orange juice 3.50
Homemade lemonade with mint | + ginger (optional) 4.00
Carrot, apple and orange 4.00
ABC- apple, beetroot, carrot, ginger 4.50
Mixed summer fruit juice 4.50
Green Juice – Spinach, cucumber, apple, celery, mint, ginger 4.50
Smoothie banana, cocoa, honey, peanut butter almond milk 6.00
Fruit smoothie, yogurt, honey 6.00
Soft drinks 2.50
Iced tea 0.33lt 3.00
Sparkling water 0.33lt 2.50
Sparkling water 1lt 3.50
Water 0.5 lt 1.00
Water (glass bottle) 1 lt 2.50


Hummus with crispy flat bread 6.50
Baba ganoush smoked aubergine, yogurt and spices 7.00
Falafel with tahini sauce, yogurt – mint dip 7.50
Tartare of salmon with lime olive oil dressing 7.00
Shrimps tempura wasabi mayonnaise 12.00
Pulled pork tacos with coleslaw and chili mayonnaise 11.00
Ηome-made focaccia and olives 3.00
Zoodles courgettes “spaghetti”, avocado cream, pumpkin seeds, salsa fresca 10.00
ABC – crunchy apple, carrot, beetroot, walnuts salad with xinomyzithra 9.00
Kale salad with carrots, green onions and peanut butter dressing 12.00
Classic burger with cheddar, bacon, onion, home-made pickles, mayo-ketchup, fries and salad 14.00
Beef tagliatta with rocket-parmesan salad 23.00
Teriyaki chicken escalopes, basmati rice and crunchy green veg 14.00
Μussels in white wine and cream sauce 15.00
Seabass fillet, mixed leaf salad, home-made pickled vegetables, ginger-soya vinaigrette 18.00
Quesadilla with cheddar cheese, salsa fresca and avocado with yogurt dip (+ pulled pork 1 €) 8.50
Tagliatelle with courgettes, confit tomatoes, olives, mint and lemon zest 11.00
Lavender and vanilla crème brulée 7.00
Salted caramel brownie with vanilla ice cream 7.50


Penne with cheese 5.00
Penne with tomato sauce 6.00
Penne bolognese 7.00
double portion +3.00
Mini burger with home-made fries, tomato- cucumber salad (+cheese) 8.00
Teriyaki chicken escallopes, home-made fries or rice, tomato-cucumber salad 7.50
Seabass fillet with basmati rice, tomato-cucumber salad 9.00
Quesadilla cheddar cheese, fresh tomatο folded in tortilla yogurt dip & home cooked nachos 7.00
Home-made fries 4.00
+ ketchup / mayo
Soft drinks 2.50
Home-made peach and mint iced-tea 3.50
Home-made lemonade 4.00
Kids-mocktails – passion fruit, mango, strawberry 5.50
Milk-shake – vanilla chocolate or strawberry 5.00
Ice cream – vanilla, chocolate, cookies or strawberry
– One scoop 2.50
– Two scoops 5.00


Prosecco 700ml/200ml 27/8
Moscato D’Asti 200ml 8
Sauvignon Blanc, Katselis Estate, (Viotia, Central Greece) 17/5
Gardanega, Pinot Grigio, Garda Pirovano (Italy) 24/6
INIMA, Katogi Averof, Athiri Asyrtiko (Ioanina, N. Greece) 28
Malagouzia, Moraitis Estate (Paros) 29
Tesseris limnes, Kyr-Yiannis, Chardonnay, Gewurtztraminer, (Florina, N.Greece) 29
Cordillera, M.Torres, Chardonnay (Chile) 32
Santorini, Sigalas, Asyrtiko (AOC Santorini) 45
Nautilus, La Tour Melas (Evia) 17/5
Vina Esmeralda, Torres, Grenacha Tinta (Spain) 23/5.5
Rodi tou nisiou (ΒΙΟ), Moraitico, Malagouzia – Mavrotragano (Paros) 25/6.5
Idylle D’Achinos, La Tour Melas, Grenache Rouge, Agiorgitiko, Syrah (Evia) 32
Miraval, Cinsaut, Grenache, Rolle, Syrah (Cote de Provence, France) 53
Cabernet Sauvignon, Katselis Estate (Viotia/ Central Greece) 17/5
Portes, Skouras, Merlot (Nemea, Peloponese) 24/6.5
Malbec Fresh (BIO), Bodegas Krontiras (Argentina) 28
Syrah, Alpha Estate (Florina, N. Greece) 29
Malbec Natural, Bodegas Krontiras (Argentina) – Biodynamic, no added sulphites 53
Ovilos, Cabernet Sauvignon (Kavala, N. Greece) 51
Mythos Draught – 330ml / 500 ml 3/4.50
FIX lager 3.50
Corona 4.50
Marea, double malt ale 5
Delphi, IPA, pilsner unfiltered 5
Eza, alcohol-free 3.50
Water 1 lt (glass bottle) 2.50
Sparkling water 0.75lt/0.33lt 4.50/3
Juice • Soft drinks 2.50
Ice-tea lemon/peach 3
3 cent ginger beer/ pink grapefruit 3.50
Home-made iced tea 3.50
Espresso / Double Espresso 2/3
Cappuccino / Double Cappuccino 3/4
Tea / Fresh mint tea 2.50


Aperol spritz   8
the classic blend of Aperol topped with prosecco, fizzy water and a splash of orange

Campari Spritz   8
Campari topped with grapefruit soda and cucumber

Ludovico   9
Limoncello, prosecco, lime juice and simple syrup, rosemary and topped with soda

Negroni   9
the italian aperitif made with gin, red vermouth, Campari and a splash of bubbly water

Εspresso martini   9
vodka shaken with a freshly prepared espresso and coffee liqueur

Thievery Corporation   11
Tequila Don Julio reposado, mango purée, chili syrup and lime juice

Passion fruit margarita   9
golden tequila, passion fruit purée & triple sec liqueur

Iasis   10
rum, masticha liqueur, peach puree, orgeat syrup, ginger, basil and lime juice

Zombie   11
dark and white rum, Bacardi 151, falernum syrup, pineapple juice, grenadine, lime juice, topped with grapefruit juice and cinnamon syrup, and drop of angostura bitter

Ginger bay   11
ginger rum with passion fruit and spices

Passion fruit caipiroshka   9
vodka with crushed lime husks, sugar syrup and passion fruit purée

Paloma   9
salted rum tequila with 3 cents pink grapefruit and lime

Frozen margaritas   9
tequila based sorbets with your choice of lime, passion fruit, mango or strawberry

Ginger mojito   9
mojito topped with spicy ginger beer

Moscow mule   9
vodka mixed with lime juice and ginger beer

Cucumber or a Chili Cucumber Collins   9
cucumber muddled with sugar syrup, shaken with gin, lemon juice and topped with soda

Spearmint daiquiri   9
a refreshing frozen blend of lemon & lime juices, fresh spearmint and sugar syrup on a rum base

The Supremes    7
strawberry puree, peach puree, grenadine, lime and grapefruit soda

Buena Vista   7
Mango puree, orgeat syrup, lime, ginger and ginger beer